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11/02/2015 -

Decommissioning your PSTN? Take Your Fax Machine Along

The AudioCodes HTTPS Fax ATA gives VoIP service providers a reliable and secure solution for their customers’ fax machines as they move to VoIP. With more than 100,000 Fax ATAs in production today, the stack of success stories is constantly growing as businesses move to VoIP and take their fax machines with them.



1/31/2014 -

FaxBack Surpasses 10,000 AudioCodes HTTPS Fax ATAs for Service Provider and Businesses Fax Solutions

Used by many VoIP providers and Enterprise customers alike, the Fax ATA replaces traditional telephone lines or where direct SIP T.38 fax connections are not reliable. They allow fax machines to integrate with enterprise fax servers or directly over the Internet to VoIP Providers.



1/30/2014 -

FaxBack Simplifies Management of AudioCodes HTTPS Based Fax Machine Accounts with Web Service Interface

VoIP service providers offering Fax Services can now connect customer fax machines, via HTTPS, directly to their existing cloud fax account. This allows for consolidation of all their faxes no matter what form of submission is used; Fax from the Web, Virtual Fax and Email to Fax. Web Service connections allow for transparent account management keeping deployment easy for the provider.


Featured Case Study
Vitelity showcases how the AudioCodes Fax ATA adds security as well as simplifies their fax deployment scenario.

Featured Datasheet
The HTTPS Fax Enabled version of the MP-20x series of Analog Telephone AdapterSuct, which allows the connection of ordinary fax machines and Multi-function Printers (MFPs) to cloud-based fax solutions and premise-based fax servers using HTTPS.